History and Key Places


Here are a few (more prominent) examples of community-based arts movements in Los Angeles that can be researched. Most are still in operation; some have closed:

Beyond Baroque
The Woman’s Building                                  
Shades of L.A. (LA Public Library)
Self Help Graphics                                         
Tia Chucha’s Centro Cultural and Bookstore
I.C.U. (In Creative Unity) Art Gallery          
Inner City Cultural Center
Brockman Gallery                                          
St. Elmo Village
World Stage Performance Gallery                 
KAOS Network/Project Blowed
California African American Museum           
Watts Writers Workshop
Watts Towers Arts Center                             
Ebony Theatre
So Cal Library for Social Research


By no means exhaustive and fairly informal….
This is a listing of some available resources to get you thinking and assist in your research.


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