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RichardFulton Richard Fulton
Fifth St. Dick's Coffee Company
KamauDaaood Kamau Daaood
Spoken-word Poet, community
activist & Co-founder of World Stage
Horace Tapscott Horace Tapscott
World-class jazz pianist, composer, community artist, founder of the Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra
Billy Higgins Billy Higgins
Jazz Drummer &
Co-founder of World Stage
Ben Caldwell Ben Caldwell
Kaos Network
Brian Breye Brian Breye
Museum in Black
Michael Datcher Michael Datcher
Anansi Writer's
Workshop at World Stage
Ramsess Ramsess
next door to World Stage
Inzingha Camara Inzingha Camara
West African Dance Teacher
Lady Walquer Vereen Lady
Walquer Vereen

Dance Teacher,
Co-Founder of Dance Collective
Laura Hendricks Laura Hendrix
"Gallery Plus" Art Gallery
Dale Davis Dale
Brockman Davis

The Brockman Gallery
John Outerbridge John Outterbridge
World-renowned Artist
worked with Brockman Gallery



Jeannette Lindsay

Jeannette Lindsay

Jeannette Lindsay studied acting at the South Coast Repertory Theatre, The Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, and with legendary teachers such as Sanford Meisner and Ada Brown Mather of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.  She returned to college in 1996 to complete her bachelor’s degree with an eye to eventually getting a master’s degree in film.  While attending Antioch University, she began work on her current documentary film, “Leimert Park.” “Leimert Park” is her first film.


Zan Zetina
Zan Zetina
Director of Photography

Zandore Zetina, known as ”Zan” was born in New Orleans and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 8, where she began her dance training. Her dance background includes legendary Al Gilbert, Bill and Jackie Landrum, Claude Thompson, Steven Peck, and Alvin Ailey. She became one of the principal dancers with the Repertory Dance Theatre of Los Angeles under the direction of Jon Johnson and Lady Walquer Vereen and is now one of the choreographers and director of the Los Angeles chapter.

She has choreographed and staged many leading recording artists in Japan,  had her own TV show in Japan and was instrumental in developing the first dance variety show on Japanese television.

In 1997, Zan returned to the States to study filmmaking. It was there she found her niche filming documentaries. In 1998 she discovered Capoeira de Angola, an African martial art and is now a senior instructor with Pastinha’s Garden of Capoeira Angola, running the women’s division and co-directing the youth program.


Beth Spiegel
Beth Spiegel

Beth Spiegel, a graduate of Cal Arts, has worked for National Geographic, Turner Productions, Nature, Disney and Wonderworks among others.  She has received numerous awards including several Emmy Awards, the Genesis Award and an Oscar Nomination. She is also an accomplished visual artist and has illustrated several children’s books.


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